Working with the legendary Pepe Romero…

Two weeks ago, we had the absolute honor of working with maestro Pepe Romero. I was mesmerized by his stories surrounding Joaquín Rodrigo and the Romero family.

Not only did we have amazing lessons with such a charismatic, patient and loving teacher but we were able to immerse in Rodrigo’s repertoire. Many times maestro Pepe would coach us in the manner Rodrigo did when he was coaching young Pepe. This were my favorite moments, him re-living Rodrigo’s persona.

Overall, this week was so positively inspiring. I was able to play the 1st movement of the Giuliani concerto for him and Vivaldi’s RV. 82.

The last day of classes we hosted him in San Roque and had a wonderful patio luncheon with him. So many memories..

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