A week with Paul O’dette: A modern Baroque and Renaissance Star

This week has been one of the best during my time in Alicante. Every class has had so much information to absorb and as a performer, every lesson was an overview of the history of the piece, the mannerisms of the time when it was composed, the essence and character of the composition. I thinkContinue reading “A week with Paul O’dette: A modern Baroque and Renaissance Star”

Manuel Barrueco week…. BACH back to back!!!

Last week was definitely a dream come true. I had the incredible opportunity of studying with the one and only, Manuel Barrueco. It was definitely a very packed week, the schedule was quite unforgiving, but the quality of the lessons and the great emphasis on music elegance and purity made every moment priceless. I playedContinue reading “Manuel Barrueco week…. BACH back to back!!!”

Chamber music…. guitar + guitar

This past week has been a very musically active week. First let me tell you a bit about the fantastic classes we had with maestro Rodes. He is such a knowledgeable professor, and his constructive coaching helped us get our chamber repertoire to the next level. I had the pleasure of playing two Tedesco duetsContinue reading “Chamber music…. guitar + guitar”

Jose De Eusebio week!

Marketing… Conducting… Music Business… Conductor… Guitar… What an intense week with conductor Jose De Eusebio! It has been so enlightening to learn about the etiquette required when working with an orchestra and approaching rehearsals with them. We also worked on the basic elements of conducting with the maestro and with a fantastic pianist, Federico, whomContinue reading “Jose De Eusebio week!”

Working with the legendary Pepe Romero…

Two weeks ago, we had the absolute honor of working with maestro Pepe Romero. I was mesmerized by his stories surrounding Joaquín Rodrigo and the Romero family. Not only did we have amazing lessons with such a charismatic, patient and loving teacher but we were able to immerse in Rodrigo’s repertoire. Many times maestro PepeContinue reading “Working with the legendary Pepe Romero…”

Latin American guitar repertoire & the Assads…

The Assad brothers celebrated 50 years of playing as a duo last year; they are such an inspiration to young players like me and, as teachers, they absolutely the best. It was truly an honor to play once more for them. This week we got to work with the maestros specifically on Latin American guitarContinue reading “Latin American guitar repertoire & the Assads…”

Fabio Zanon Week…. that means TRANSCRIPTIONS!

This week was focused exclusively on our transcriptions. For my final thesis project I am transcribing two Antonio Soler sonatas. It was so helpful to work with such a genius like maestro Fabio Zanon. Not only was he able to sightread all of our transcriptions right out of the original scores, but his abilities wentContinue reading “Fabio Zanon Week…. that means TRANSCRIPTIONS!”

Concert in honor of International Women’s Day…

We celebrate the International Women’s Day every year on March 8th. This year it was absolutely incredible to play a concert honoring the celebration of women all over the world. The concert took place in Cocentaina and was part of the Student Concert Series of the University of Alicante. Here are some photos of thisContinue reading “Concert in honor of International Women’s Day…”

Movement, Choreography and Practice

What an astonishing week full of new information about our body movements and the physiology of our body. It was such a reflective week full of seminars and private coachings with neuroscientist Victor Candia. As a guitarist, I hadn’t realized the importance of taking full care of my body. Stretching before practicing, warming up, havingContinue reading “Movement, Choreography and Practice”