Manuel Barrueco week…. BACH back to back!!!

Last week was definitely a dream come true. I had the incredible opportunity of studying with the one and only, Manuel Barrueco.

It was definitely a very packed week, the schedule was quite unforgiving, but the quality of the lessons and the great emphasis on music elegance and purity made every moment priceless.

I played for the first class maestro Barrueco’s transcription of the second violin sonata, BWV 1003; and in the second class, my transcription of Padre Antonio Soler’s sonata in D minor, R. 115. Both lessons proved to be so insightful, and two particular phrases will forever remain engraved in my mind:

Fall in love with your pieces, listen and fall in love.”

“When playing Spanish music, always think elegant and no feeling” – this was a quote that he remembered from one of his conversations with Alicia de Larrocha.

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