Transcriptions are the heart of the expansion of an instrument’s repertoire. This project intends to open a place in the guitar repertoire for J.S. Bach’s sonatas for violin and harpsichord. Since the nature of this composition is that of a duet in a trio sonata character, I have chosen to pair the guitar with the saxophone. This transcription will help to increase the amount of chamber repertoire written and arranged for this instrument combination.

Project Summary

J.S. Bach wrote 6 sonatas for harpsichord and violin. Each sonata is a compendium of 4 movements following the slow-fast alternation. It is the intention of this project to complete the transcription of one slow movement: the third movement from BWV 1016. This project will encompass a total of 10 weeks, I will update the progress of my transcription and the challenges I encounter each week. Please click on each update in order to be redirected to each update.

BWV 1016:Adagio ma non tanto / PDF

One thought on “Project

  1. Gorgeous playing, Ms. Acosta Zavala! I can’t wait to follow you each week to see how your project turns out.

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